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At Presley Wealth Management, our sole focus is YOU.

We’re committed to helping you work toward achieving the retirement you want. We do this by providing guidance to help you develop an overall retirement income strategy and offering a variety of insurance and investment products to help achieve the objectives of that strategy.

We have a strong team of professionals helping ensure you receive all the assistance you need, not only in developing your retirement income strategy but in maintaining it throughout your retirement.


Meet Christy Smith Founder, Investment Adviser Representative

Email: Christy.Smith@presleywm.com

Christy is the founder and principal of The Presley Group and Presley Wealth Management. She has been helping people plan for their retirement since 1998 and has worked in the retirement and insurance industry for many years.  Christy is here to work with you to find the best possible solutions to your retirement needs, and to help you protect your retirement nest egg with our low volatility investment approach.


Meet Matt Kennedy  Associate Adviser

Email: Matt.Kennedy@presleywm.com

Matt has been with The Presley Group since 2009.  As an Investment Adviser Representative and certified estate planner, Matt has worked with many of our clients to help them plan for their retirement and ensure their financial confidence. Matt is here to help you with everything from your annual review to allocations.

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To schedule a time to discuss your financial future and the possible role of investments and insurance in your financial strategy, contact us at christy@presleywm.com or call us at 225-791-5773 today!


Would you like to avoid surprises at tax time?

Tax laws change every year — and this year is no different! This downloadable guide will walk you through the latest tax law changes to help you avoid any surprises. In this 12-page guide, you will find out:

  • What the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act could mean for you
  • How inflation could affect your tax bill
  • Why proactive planning can help give you financial confidence
  • How your financial professional can coordinate with a tax professional to help you create a tax-efficient strategy

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